In Maine, as of 2013, 64% of homes were heating with oil or kerosene, that’s down from 80% in 2007*. The average home in Maine consumes 800 gallons of heating oil a year, more than any state in the nation. For Political, Environmental, Demographic, and Economic reasons, this fact is going to change. A generation from now, far fewer homes will heat with oil, and those that do will consume far less than they currently do. ReVision Heat is here to help Mainers transition away from fossil fuels. We do not and will not install an oil boiler. While there is no one perfect solution, there are cost effective options that can be taken to move Maine away from expensive, polluting, imported oil.

Each solution ReVision Heat offers is designed to address the homeowner and help them reduce or eliminate their oil dependency in practical, cost effective ways. If done properly, investments in Energy Efficiency will help the environment and your personal finances, as well as will fit in with your lifestyle and budget. ReVision Heat is a full service Maine Heating Contractor offering a wide variety of heating options all designed to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels.

*Governor’s Energy Office

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