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Upgrade Your Existing Heating System

Pam Remy took the hot water off her boiler and is saving over $780 per year! Click the photo to read Pam's story.

Save up to 300 gallons of oil per year by making your existing heating system work more efficiently. Upgrading your current heating system is the perfect option for people that aren’t ready to convert to wood or natural gas yet want significant reductions in their yearly oil consumption.

Heating systems run better when we:

  • Stop the oil boiler from making hot water since it does it poorly.
  • Install smart controls to make your boiler do a better job at making heat.
  • Clean and Optimize it so that it uses
    less oil that it would normally.

ReVision Heat offers the following upgrade options:

When you are considering upgrades, it’s important to understand the reasons for taking hot water off your oil boiler as well as what options are available. The resources on the right will help you learn more about the benefits of upgrading your heating system.  If you are ready to upgrade now, simply fill out the form to get started.

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Though we fired up the stove only briefly, to assure that it works, everything appears to be great. We can hardly wait for winter! Bub and the crew were all we could hope for in installation--knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. ~The Prices