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Convert to Wood

Switch to Kedel pellet boiler to save money

This Kedel pellet boiler is saving Becky & Sheri $1562 per year. Click the photo to read their story.

Make the switch to wood & save more than money. Maine is 90% forested, it produces no fossil fuels and is 70% dependent upon oil for heat. As oil supplies continue to be depleted more people will turn to wood for heat. The good news is Maine has sufficient resources to heat the entire state sustainably using wood. By diverting the resources you currently spend on home heating oil into our forest communities, you will help energize and revitalize our local economy.

Not only does Maine have an abundance of wood, there are a plethora of clean burning appliances from wood stoves to pellet boilers which can make your transition effortless. By choosing an energy efficient modern wood burning technology, you can use a local and renewable fuel and save money without sacrificing air quality.

ReVision Heat specializes in the following technologies:

Wood Boilers

wood boilers

Kedel Pellet Boilers

pellet boilers

At ReVision Heat, we’ve got over a decades experience getting people off of oil for home heating. If you’re not sure which of the many options may be right for you, contact us and we can help assess your situation. If you’re interested in converting to wood, first you’ll have to decide if you’re interested in cord wood or pellets. The resources to the right can help you do that.