Blizzard 2015: Get Your Heating System Prepared!

The National Weather Service is reporting that this week’s snow storm may be one of the biggest on record for the east coast! Are you prepared? We talked to ReVision Heat’s Operations Manager Mike Salvas about what all of us should be doing to keep our heat working and safe in a blizzard. Here’s what he had to say:


First things first, make sure all of your carbon monoxide detectors have batteries, especially if you have natural gas heat. If the power goes out, you could have a buildup of exhaust or gas in the house, so please make sure you test all of your detectors (including smoke) and change the batteries if necessary. (more…)

Troubleshooting 101: Your Boiler IQ!

Service Manager Matt Allen with the Kedel RTB wood pellet boiler.

ReVision Heat Service Manager Matt Allen with the Kedel RTB wood pellet boiler.

Have you ever found yourself without heat on the coldest night of the year? Did you call a heating contractor for emergency after-hours service only to find out you were out of fuel or had accidentally cut the power supply? If so, don’t feel bad! This happens all the time during the winter months, but to save you the service call bill and ourselves the time, ReVision Heat will troubleshoot first before scheduling a call. And you can do it yourself! Here’s how:


ReVision Heat Teams Up With Maine Standard Biofuels to Offer Bio-Optimization

Maine Standard Biofuels and ReVision Heat Team Up for Bio-Optimization

Maine Standard Biofuels and ReVision Heat are excited to announce a new partnership for the new year! We’re teaming up to reduce Maine’s dependence on oil by offering Bio-Optimization: an innovative new heating solution with immediate and long-term cost benefits that will reduce your carbon footprint significantly—without a costly system overhaul!

When most of us hear the word “biofuel,” our minds go immediately to our cars: biofuel can replace diesel, right?

Yes, it can! But did you know it can also replace your heating oil and offer a host of benefits beyond reduced carbon emissions, from extending the life of your boiler to lowering your cleaning and maintenance costs? Through our partnership with Maine Standard Biofuels, we’re offering a great new way to get the most out of converting to biofuel.


EPA Releases Analysis of Emissions from Biomass Fuel!

It’s a pretty great time to be a wood pellet here at ReVision Heat!  Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency validated that emissions from sustainably sourced biomass (wood pellets and others) are “likely to have minimal or no net atmospheric contributions of biogenic CO2 emissions, or even reduce such impacts, when compared with an alternate fate of disposal.”

In other words, wood is good!  In an additional memo released with the findings, the EPA states that biomass can now be counted toward carbon reduction strategies under the EPA’s national Clean Power Plan.  As Maine leads the nation in biomass production per capita, this is great news!

Read more at the Press Herald; or, check out the whole memo here!


Tips for Choosing A Heating Contractor

It was 10 degrees for much of the morning here in Portland today, which means that unless you enjoy a chilly home, your heating system got a workout last night.  Great!  That’s what it’s for!  But what if your system isn’t performing up to expectations, or – even worse – not performing at all?

Just like that, you need to call a heating contractor.  Here in Maine, there are a bunch of us contractors—you see us every day, out in our trucks or parked in your neighbor’s driveway.  With so many choices, how do you know which contractor will be able to best address your needs? (more…)