Kedel Pellet Boiler Featured on WGME’s Saving You Money

Many Mainers are still feeling the pinch of last year’s brutal winter and looking into alternative ways to heat their home and save on heating costs.  Channel 13’s Jeff Peterson interviewed Josh Corbin to learn how the Corbins are saving 50% or more on their heat costs and putting money back into our state by switching to a fully automated Kedel pellet boiler.

For many like the Corbins, pellet boilers are a great way to save money on heating bills:

  • Pellet boilers save up to 50%+ on fuel costs & support your local environment
  • Kedel pellet boilers reduce carbon emissions up to 90%
  • They are a complete replacement for your fossil fuel boiler
  • Pellet boilers connect to your home’s central heating distribution system to provide heat to the entire home
  • Wood pellets are delivered in bulk right to your home (no bags to lug) and are automatically fed to the boiler.
  • Kedel pellet boilers are smart and can be monitored online all the time

People often confuse pellet boilers for pellet stoves but this not the case. Pellet boilers are actually closer to an oil boiler in the way they operate than a pellet stove. The primary difference between an oil boiler and a pellet boiler is the fuel they use. Both boilers are used to heat the entire the house without a backup source.

If you are looking to learn more about how pellet boilers can save you money and build Maine’s economy, contact us for a free energy assessment. We’ll help you figure out what alternative to oil heating system makes sense for your home.

ReVision Heat and Garbage to Garden Generate Sustainable Local Partnership

Portland, ME- ReVision Heat and Garbage to Garden are teaming up in an effort to encourage citizens of Southern Maine to reduce their environmental impact. Every household that installs a pellet boiler or whole house ductless heat pump system from ReVision Heat will receive three months of free curbside composting service from Garbage to Garden.

The partnership emphasizes a movement toward local, environmentally-friendly alternatives that stimulate in-state economic growth and responsible resource management. ReVision Heat’s pellet boilers produce nutrient rich ash that when composted by Garbage to Garden contributes to enriched soils to continue the natural cycle.

“This is an exciting opportunity to help even more members of our community divert this waste to a more positive end,” said Garbage to Garden President and Founder Tyler Frank. “There’s a lot of household waste that people don’t know is compostable. Educating people to maximize waste diversion is imperative to a greener Maine.”

The high cost of oil results in a loss of environmental and monetary resources within the state. Oil defers 85 cents on the dollar to out of state agencies, according to a special report by ABC affiliate WMTW. Converting to an efficient wood pellet boiler heating system offsets 90% of the carbon emissions released by oil combustion, all while saving families money and contributing to Maine’s sustainable forest industry.

Through its curbside collection program, Garbage to Garden can help save money for both households and municipalities by treating food waste as a natural resource. In the past year, Garbage to Garden estimates it has saved the city of Portland upwards of $100,000.

About ReVision: ReVision Heat is Maine’s only “No Oil” heating contractor. Their mission is to help Mainers reduce or eliminate oil consumption in their homes and businesses through professional design, installation and service of alternative heating systems. Their solutions include central heating pellet boilers, which lower heating costs by 50% and reduce carbon emissions by 90%, and efficient electric ductless heat pumps, which are equivalent to heating with oil at $1.60 per gallon and cooling with at least 30% less electricity than window air conditioners. Visit for more information and a free consultation.

About Garbage to Garden: Garbage to Garden provides curbside composting for residents and businesses in Portland, ME and surrounding communities and is revolutionizing waste management. Since its founding in August 2012 by Tyler Frank, the organization has hauled over 1,500 tons of organic waste that would otherwise have been incinerated or landfilled. For more information, visit our website at


3 Months of Garbage to Garden On Us

Monkey loves Garbage to GardenLast year, we did a shout out for Garbage to Garden introducing you to this awesome company, who is reducing the waste in our landfills and creating amazing compost. We love what they are doing so much, we’re going to let you try them on us.

If you are a client who installed a whole house heating system, AND live in Cumberland, Falmouth, Portland, South Portland, Westbrook, or Yarmouth, give us a call at 207.221.5677 x2 to get started with Garbage to Garden. If you are in the process of purchasing a whole house heating system, let your energy advisor know you are interested in a Garbage to Garden subscription. Either way, we’ll hook you up.

Here is what you can look forward to:

  • Ability to recycle your food scraps on garbage day
  • Compost all food waste, including meat, dairy, and bones
  • Compost your wood ash, perfect for Kedel owners
  • Receive a clean bucket each week
  • Request deliveries of matured compost at no extra charge

Note: this offer is for new Garbage to Garden customers only.

South Portland Home Owners Choose Kedel Pellet Boiler Over Natural Gas

Paul & Sandi share their experience geting off oil with a Kedel pellet boilerPaul & Sandy Happy Kedel ClientsLiving in an area where natural gas is available, Paul and Sandi Watkins knew they could reduce their heating costs by 50% with a high efficiency gas boiler. However, they weren’t 100% sold on switching to another fossil fuel heating system. When their neighbors installed a fully-automated, central heating, Kedel pellet boiler last year, their curiosity was peaked.

Paul was intrigued by the local factor and really loved the idea of having a Maine company install a boiler that was powered by local and renewable wood pellets. It made a lot of sense, but they had many questions regarding this new technology before they could commit. To get the inside scoop, they attended a Heat Local Home Tour at Megan & Joe Bauman’s. After exploring their options thoroughly, and many QA sessions with their energy advisor, they learned Kedel is a viable alternative to oil and natural gas central heating systems. Now they look forward to saving over $1,600 a year on heating costs, significantly reducing their carbon footprint, and watching Maine’s local economy thrive as pellet boiler technology takes off.

Watkins 3 ton wood pellet hopperPaul & Sandi’s 3 ton pellet hopper only needs to be filled twice a year to provide them with ample fuel for the heating season. The going rate for wood pellets in South Portland is $249 per ton delivered and each dollar stays in New England unlike oil which sends $.78 per dollar out of our region and most out of the country*.

*Source Future Metrics, Biomass Presentation 2012 based on US EIA data

Watkins AirGenerate Airtap Heat Pump Water Heater“I love taking baths. I stopped because our bath water was never hot enough with our old oil boiler. We called someone to repair our boiler several times but nothing ever happened for four years. The guy from ReVision Heat, who installed the Kedel, figured it out in one day. “ ~Sandi Watkins, who is once again loving her hot baths thanks to her new AirGenerate AirTap heat pump water heater.

Portland Family Saves Over $1,500 Annually with a Pellet Boiler & Heat Pump Water Heater

Stu & Sarah Brydon gladly kicked their grungy inefficient oil boiler out of the basement. In its place, they installed a 16KW Kedel pellet boiler coupled with an AirGenerate AirTap heat pump water heater for domestic hot water. By making the switch, they were able to displace over 800 gallons of oil and 16,056 lbs of CO2.


Stu can’t help smiling over the fact that by using a sustainable and local heat source, he can do something good for the planet while also saving over $1,500 a year in heating costs and reducing his electrical bills.

Brydon AirTap AirGenerate Heat Pump Water HeaterOriginally, Stu & Sarah expected to pay $15-20 per month for hot water with their new heat pump water heater. However, after switching, they found their electrical bill actually decreased when they removed their electric guzzling oil boiler with power venter.

Unlike oil, which sends $.78 on the dollar out of New England, Maine made wood pellets keep our dollars in state and boost our local economy. The Brydon’s are pumped to know that while they keep their home warm, they are also creating jobs in Maine.

Brydon inefficient oil boiler is replaced with a high-efficiency pellet boiler