A Day at the People’s Climate March in NYC

The first march or rally I had ever been to was the Forward on Climate Rally held in D.C. a couple years ago. I made it there alone on a bus and was heartened by the atmosphere and positive spirit of the 40,000 or so Americans marching around the White House, signs waving and chants sounding, compelling President Obama to heed our cries.  Almost two years have passed and the EPA has taken some steps in the right direction with more stringent automotive standards and power plant carbon emissions reduction goals but in general our civilization has continued to burn fossil fuels at a relentless pace, in the United States and around the world, and continued to invest in pipelines and extraction equipment.

The People’s Climate March in NYC drew over 400,000 concerned citizens, demanding that world leaders take meaningful action toward addressing the global issue of climate change, in hopes that leaders assembled at the UN that week would work together to avert the disastrous effects on all our Planet’s inhabitants of continuing to burn fossil fuels at current rates.

10661936_10203151866417008_6030467447381601911_oFor me the bottom line is that fossil fuels will run out and we have the technology to power ourselves in renewable ways, it is simply a matter of making that transition. This transition will not always be easy but that is not a reason to ignore the need for change.  We are only beginning to understand the overwhelming costs of failing to act on this issue but we must take action before the world that our grandparents lived on is forever changed from the one our grandchildren will inhabit.  The reasons are not simply sentimental; the costs to our food systems, infrastructure, and coastal communities posed by climate change are vast and will affect everyone and everything.  We must work to mitigate these harmful effects and address the root of the problem, which in the end is simple.  We must learn to use energy produced in renewable ways as efficiently as possible and wean ourselves of the powerful but ultimately devastating combustion of fossil fuels.

I was in awe at the sheer number of individuals united around this common call for action in New York City.  The diversity of age, race, and background, and the combined spirit of hope and action were inspiring.  The most moving event occurred just before one, almost two hours into the march, when the entire 4 plus miles of marchers raised their hands to signal the two minutes of silence planned to recognize the many already affected by climate change around the world.  From jubilant marching bands, noise-making sign-bearers, and call and response chants, the silence washed down the line and suddenly the streets of New York where hushed with hundreds of thousands, two arms to the sky as far as I could see between the canyons of skyscrapers.  The planned minute was drawing to an end when I heard a wind from down the line and realized as the noise blew closer that it was in fact the cheering of these thousands sweeping down the line.  The call for climate action had been sounded by the near half million assembled and it was announced with conviction, compassion, and excitement.  I will never forget what it felt like to be a part of this unified display by so many and I can only hope that the rest of the world was listening.

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Thomas Tutor Energy Advisor for ReVision Heat

Thomas Tutor is an energy advisor and technical salesperson for ReVision Heat. He takes a holistic approach to helping people find the most practical and cost effective ways to reduce their energy costs and get off fossil fuels. As a sixth generation islander whose family always heated with wood, he is connected and appreciative of heat and the work it requires to obtain it. When he is not helping people lower their heating costs, he enjoys weekend adventures: camping, hiking, exploring nature, hanging out with good friends, and touring the city on his bike.

Jon Stewart Reacts to Senate & Media after People’s Climate March

People's Climate Summit a world wide event

350.org – locations participating in the People’s Climate March

The People’s Climate Summit was a major world-wide event last month that got less media coverage than George Clooney’s wedding. Jon Stewart from the Daily Show wasn’t very impressed with the media’s lackluster coverage or the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology’s disbelief in the Science of Climate Change. After watching his video below, we’d love to hear what you think. Let us know if you went to the Climate Summit and if you agree or disagree with Jon’s comments and where you stand on the issue. Share your thoughts on Facebook.

Jon Stewart Schools Congress on Climate Change

Kedel Pellet Boiler Featured on WGME’s Saving You Money

Many Mainers are still feeling the pinch of last year’s brutal winter and looking into alternative ways to heat their home and save on heating costs.  Channel 13’s Jeff Peterson interviewed Josh Corbin to learn how the Corbins are saving 50% on their heating costs and putting money back into our state by switching to a fully automated Kedel pellet boiler.

For many like the Corbins, pellet boilers are a great way to save money on heating bills:

  • Pellet boilers save up to 50%+ on fuel costs & support your local environment
  • Kedel pellet boilers reduce carbon emissions up to 90%
  • They are a complete replacement for your fossil fuel boiler
  • Pellet boilers connect to your home’s central heating distribution system to provide heat to the entire home
  • Wood pellets are delivered in bulk right to your home (no bags to lug) and are automatically fed to the boiler.
  • Kedel pellet boilers are smart and can be monitored online all the time

People often confuse pellet boilers for pellet stoves but this not the case. Pellet boilers are actually closer to an oil boiler in the way they operate than a pellet stove. The primary difference between an oil boiler and a pellet boiler is the fuel they use. Both boilers are used to heat the entire the house without a backup source.

If you are looking to learn more about how pellet boilers can save you money and build Maine’s economy, contact us for a free energy assessment. We’ll help you figure out what alternative to oil heating system makes sense for your home.

ReVision Heat and Garbage to Garden Generate Sustainable Local Partnership

Portland, ME- ReVision Heat and Garbage to Garden are teaming up in an effort to encourage citizens of Southern Maine to reduce their environmental impact. Every household that installs a pellet boiler or whole house ductless heat pump system from ReVision Heat will receive three months of free curbside composting service from Garbage to Garden.

The partnership emphasizes a movement toward local, environmentally-friendly alternatives that stimulate in-state economic growth and responsible resource management. ReVision Heat’s pellet boilers produce nutrient rich ash that when composted by Garbage to Garden contributes to enriched soils to continue the natural cycle.

“This is an exciting opportunity to help even more members of our community divert this waste to a more positive end,” said Garbage to Garden President and Founder Tyler Frank. “There’s a lot of household waste that people don’t know is compostable. Educating people to maximize waste diversion is imperative to a greener Maine.”

The high cost of oil results in a loss of environmental and monetary resources within the state. Oil defers 85 cents on the dollar to out of state agencies, according to a special report by ABC affiliate WMTW. Converting to an efficient wood pellet boiler heating system offsets 90% of the carbon emissions released by oil combustion, all while saving families money and contributing to Maine’s sustainable forest industry.

Through its curbside collection program, Garbage to Garden can help save money for both households and municipalities by treating food waste as a natural resource. In the past year, Garbage to Garden estimates it has saved the city of Portland upwards of $100,000.

About ReVision: ReVision Heat is Maine’s only “No Oil” heating contractor. Their mission is to help Mainers reduce or eliminate oil consumption in their homes and businesses through professional design, installation and service of alternative heating systems. Their solutions include central heating pellet boilers, which lower heating costs by 50% and reduce carbon emissions by 90%, and efficient electric ductless heat pumps, which are equivalent to heating with oil at $1.60 per gallon and cooling with at least 30% less electricity than window air conditioners. Visit ReVisionHeat.com for more information and a free consultation.

About Garbage to Garden: Garbage to Garden provides curbside composting for residents and businesses in Portland, ME and surrounding communities and is revolutionizing waste management. Since its founding in August 2012 by Tyler Frank, the organization has hauled over 1,500 tons of organic waste that would otherwise have been incinerated or landfilled. For more information, visit our website at GarbageToGarden.org.


3 Months of Garbage to Garden On Us

Monkey loves Garbage to GardenLast year, we did a shout out for Garbage to Garden introducing you to this awesome company, who is reducing the waste in our landfills and creating amazing compost. We love what they are doing so much, we’re going to let you try them on us.

If you are a client who installed a whole house heating system, AND live in Cumberland, Falmouth, Portland, South Portland, Westbrook, or Yarmouth, give us a call at 207.221.5677 x2 to get started with Garbage to Garden. If you are in the process of purchasing a whole house heating system, let your energy advisor know you are interested in a Garbage to Garden subscription. Either way, we’ll hook you up.

Here is what you can look forward to:

  • Ability to recycle your food scraps on garbage day
  • Compost all food waste, including meat, dairy, and bones
  • Compost your wood ash, perfect for Kedel owners
  • Receive a clean bucket each week
  • Request deliveries of matured compost at no extra charge

Note: this offer is for new Garbage to Garden customers only.